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Monster Beat Down round 9

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at a whopping 350 lbs., this titan of terror part campfire legend, part boogeyman, all true to life nightmare. Born a mongoloid kid who wasn't exactly a good swimmer, this beast of a man supposedly drowned as a child, all thanks to the negligence of youth camp counselors. After seeing his mother get murdered, however, that's when things changed. That's when the small, fragile little boy truly died and the living, creeping horror of Camp Crystal Lake was born, with the name being...

Jason Voorhees!

His feats of strength include:

-- superhuman strength

-- invulnerability to guns or knives

-- possible immortality

-- ability to swim

-- has fought against and defeated the likes of Freddy Krueger and fought against a psycho kinetic teenager

His weaknesses include:

-- attacking him in his subconscious mind

-- can be fooled by either dressing up as his mother or shaving your head to appear like him

-- has died more than once by drowning

-- is mentally incompetent

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at a lofty 450-475 lbs., this titan of terror is what us ghouls in the sticks call a "homegrown hero". Born mentally deficient and inbred, this two-ton behemoth has an appetite for one thing and one thing only: human flesh. His family, the Sawyers, always keep his hands busy with fresh meat, too; consisting primarily of any and all new tourists that pass on through the quieter roads of Texas. His family call him "Bubba", but here, we all know him as...


His feats of strength include:

-- superhuman strength

-- viscous aggression

-- accute knowledge of how to kill and marinate human beings for consumption

-- can run at faster than normal speeds wielding a chainsaw.

His weaknesses include:

-- complete mental incompetence due to inbreeding

-- Is vulnerable to guns and/or knives

-- is relatively slow, unless giving chase

The arena is set and the die has been cast! Comment below your vote on which of these titans of terror walks away from this, and which just gets to add another body to their ever expanding count...💀🩸

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