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Reviews and interviews

 Horror Book reviews

At no cost at all, I will gladly accept any books in the horror genre -- especially from indie authors -- for honest review. Once finished reading, the review will be shared by me via blog post, posts on all available social media channels, and on my newsletter.


NOTE: When I say honest, I mean exactly that -- HONEST. If the author does not find my review favorable, they may wish to not post the review, in which case, I will not either. SECOND NOTE: As this is a free service, not at all monetized, there is no way for me to guarantee a review by any certain time so please keep this in mind. 

If interested, send a PDF copy of the book, a cover image, and the back cover blurb to my email:

Author Interviews

At no cost at all, I will gladly pick the brain of any fellow indie horror authors out there wishing to be featured by the Unholy Corpse Child via a small Q&A. I will feature and share the inteview via post on my blog, posts across all available social channels, and a feature in my newsletter. 

If interested, summon me at my email:

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