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Monster Beat Down Round 14

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around 200-210 lbs., this Titan of Terror is a man of many talents: grave-robbing, burglary, and most notably, a knack for science. He wishes for one thing, and one thing only, to create life. To elevate his own ability to that known before only by God himself. In his ambition, one of the world's first monsters was created, an abomination, born of ghoulish ambition and madness from a sick mind. His name is, for many reasons, infamous throughout the world, and that name is...

Victor Frankenstein!

His feats of strength include:

-- extensive knowledge of human biology and anatomy

-- ruthless ambition

-- bears personal attendant; Igor

His weaknesses include:

-- can be persuaded by personal acquaintances (Loved ones, spouses, etc.)

-- ego and ambition can lead to self-sabotage in certain instances

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at around 210-215 lbs., this Titan of Terror is a man with a plan, a will, and always a way. Studying at the Miskatonic university in Arkham, Massachusetts, and striving to seek the secret of immortality, he has sought to develop a serum that would reanimate the dead. To this end, near-legions of abominations have awakened under his watch. His name is one that makes sane scholars and men of science shudder, and that name is...

Herbert West!

His feats of strength include:

-- Has successfully developed reanimation serum

-- confident and zealous nature

-- calculative

His weaknesses include:

-- ghouls reanimated via the serum cannot be controlled by him

-- has an over inflated ego

The arena has been sat and the die has been cast! Cast your votes in the comments to decide which of these mad scientists shall reign as a TRUE God, a God of Terror, that is!

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