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Parallel Lines

Gifts for fellow macabre scribes. 

As an Indie horror author, I, the Unholy Corpse Child, understand all to well the feeling of needing assistance in building yourself and your work a name and a place in this modern world. So with that, I offer unto thee my services in promotional and/or collaborative media.

Parallel Lines

Book reviews 

At no cost at all, because an honest opinion (not to mention a free terrifying read) is rewarding in of itself, I will read and share my honest thoughts on your book via my blog, all social media outlets I possess, as well as featuring the review in my newsletter. See "Book reviews and/or Author interviews" for more information on my review policy. 


Author interviews

As with reviews, I do not charge for interviews. One should not have to pay simply to speak their mind and share their inner torment that drives them to craft the delicious gospels they do. With interviews, I will share the link once it goes live as well as include it in a future newsletter. See "Book reviews and Author interviews for my interview policiy.

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As I am not merely a macabre scribe, but an artist with a diseased imagination as well, I love to portray the darkness upon sketch paper and would be honored to see my work used by others. For rates and conditions, please see "Art and design work" page.


Cover design and/or interior art

Like the cover you see here? Good, as I crafted it myself, as well as all the covers for my published titles. I would love to be able to do the same for any who may need help with giving their beautiful abomination a face for the world to see. For rates and conditions, please see "Art and design work" page.


Book Trailers and Promos

It's no small secret that the bane of every indie author is trying to market their horrifix tomes. It can be done in many ways, but one of the best ways to do so, so I've started to see, is an epic trailer for your book. This is where I offer the power of the unholy in offering for a tailoring a custom trailer for your book(s). For rates and conditions, please see "Book Trailers" page.

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