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Monster Beat Down Round 15

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around 90 - 110 lbs., this Titan of Terror is one that redefines the term "Mysterious". What he truly is or what his true intent or purpose is, only God may ever know. Standing at well over 8-10 feet in height, he blends almost perfectly with trees. His current digs are the abandoned woods in Germany, where unsuspecting travelers may find themselves menaced by this faceless ghoul. Clad in a three-piece tux, he'd almost give the illusion of allurement, but behind the suit is an unholy terror beyond the wildest of mortal imagination. What his true name, should he even have one, is as unknown as the rest of him is, but locally, he is infamously named as...


His feats of strength include:

-- camouflaging capabilities

-- teleportation

-- psionic manipulation (mind control)

-- can extend and retract limbs at will

-- can manipulate memory, video footage, and even photographs, erasing his existence

His weaknesses are:

-- primary source of power draws from people's belief in him and his power over them

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at around 95 - 110 lbs., this Titan of Terror has one goal and one goal only: the spread of chaos throughout the cosmos. An Elder God of a bygone epoch, he spends his limitless days and nights howling at the shapeless pipers that keep the great blind idiot God dormant, that their music may be disrupted and the sleeping one may once more awaken to erase that which he created through his dreams. His true form is one that's incomprehensible to the minds of men, and when walking the Earth, he mainly takes the form of a pharaoh of old. Those who know of his name whisper it only with a cold shudder, and that name is...


His feats of strength include:

-- shapeshifting

-- psionic manipulation (mind control)

-- the mere sight of him induces insanity

-- immortality

His weaknesses include:

-- self-destructive motive

The arena has been set and the die has been cast! Cast your vote in the comments to determine which of these mysterious beings will live on in your nightmares, and which will be driven back to the eternal void!

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1 Comment

Darwinz Petz
Darwinz Petz
Sep 30, 2023

Nyarlathotep takes a dive in the second round, allowing Slenderman to blast it into particles with a psionic attack. Nobody is sure why or exactly what happened, it's just suddenly gone. Everyone watching the fight is then cursed by Slenderman for staring too long, like it's an Enderman. Cosmic laughter reverberates while the souls are harvested.

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