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Monster Beat Down Round 7

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around 350-400 lbs., This titan of terror is a dictionary definition of "prowler". Coming from a race beyond the stars, this menace lives for one purpose and one purpose only: to hunt. Whether the desolate jungles of the world or the big city, there are no bounds when it comes to the hunting grounds. His true name is unknown, but to us, we know him as...

The Predator!

His feats of strength include:

-- superhuman strength

-- Heightened agility

-- weaponry beyond human knowledge or capabilities

-- Advanced knowledge of combat

-- advanced camouflaging mechanism

-- infrared vision

-- voice mimicry

-- has hunted and slain the likes of the xenomorph for centuries

-- can utilize portable wrist bomb as last resort

His weaknesses are:

-- has been outmatched before by both men and xenomorph

-- technology can be damaged, rendering them useless

-- cloaking mechanism fails when exposed to water

-- infrared vision can be tricked

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at around 450-500 lbs., this titan of terror is a paragon of science gone wrong, and/or of God's power being utilized in the wrong hands. Born and bred in the bowels of Umbrella corp. labs, he has been tasked with the sole purpose of search and destroy. He may be huge, but don't let that fool you. This beast is anything but slow or dumb. He is a creeping terror, a silent destroyer. He is...


His feats of strength include:

-- supernatural durability

-- regenerative capabilities

-- heightened agility in spite of size

-- extreme focus on targets

-- silent movement and speed, despite large size

-- can revert to true form through devolution

His weaknesses are:

-- vulnerability to extreme heat

-- explosions on mass scale prove lethal

-- can be evaded and outmaneuvered by more nimble opponents

The arena has been set and the die cast. Place your bets in the comments below to see which titan of terror will reign supreme, and which will have their heads mounted as a trophy...

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Magnolia Elliott
Magnolia Elliott
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