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Monster Beat Down-- Round 6

Coming out of the Red corner, Weight unknown, this titan of terror is one that is both seen by everyone, and yet no one. Looks like anyone you know, yet is nothing you'd know at the exact same time. A life form from another world, this beast is something unnamed, something unknown, and something that wishes to replace all life on Earth! He is...

The Thing!

His feats of strength are:

-- ability to mimic any living thing on Earth

-- infiltrates any living thing in sight

-- is nearly indistinguishable in plain sight

His weaknesses are:

-- extreme heat proves lethal to it

-- must have living host in order to gestate and live

-- can be outed through series of tests

Coming out of the Blue corner, weight unknown, this titan of terror is one that has one goal and one goal only in life: to feed. With this monster's appetite, too, it's hard to outclass him. It's been known to be able to devour entire towns and still have room for seconds and desert. Amorphous and nearly indestructible, he is...

The Blob!

His feats of strength are:

-- unmatched voracious appetite

-- rapid digestive system

-- invulnerable to any conventional weaponry

-- amorphous mass allowing for access through physically impossible areas

His weaknesses are:

-- extreme drops in temperature prove lethal

-- can be repelled with water

-- vulnerability to extreme heat

The arena is set and the die has been cast! Cast your vote in the Sanctuary to decide which titan of terror shall reign supreme, and which will lie buried in an icy tomb forevermore!

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