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Monster Beat Down Round 5

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at approximately 250-275 lbs., this man, in life and in death, was and is a living nightmare. Be it the blood of 100 demented freaks coursing through his veins, or a pact with the devil himself, this titan if terror lives for one reason and one reason only: the murder of innocent children.

In life, he was known locally as "The Springwood Slasher", and in death, he became something worse. FAR worse. The stuff nightmares are made of. He is...


His feats of strength include:

-- the ability to appear within and manipulate dreams

-- the ability to murder multiple victims in one person's dream

-- the ability to possess one's body through their dreams

-- can regenerate damage

-- has faced off against Jason Voorhees before

His weaknesses include:

-- vulnerability to fire

-- vulnerability to lack of belief (he's rendered impotent if there is a lack of fear of him)

-- fight with Jason ended in a stalemate-- officially as a win for Jason

-- is powerless if pulled from dreamworld

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at approximately 275 lbs. and up, this titan of terror May at first deceive you with his jolly appearance. His jolly and smiling demeanor may seem charming at first, but do not be a fool. Under that smile is the literal embodiment of fear itself for all mankind.

Few that have seen him ever knew or understood where he came from or what's made him this way, but one thing's for certain, he's not of this world and he's not here for our amusement. He comes out every 25 years to feed, and his appetite is nothing short of voracious. His name is one known to a select few. Some know him simply as "IT", but here, we know him as...


His feats of strength include:

-- shapeshifting

-- teleportation

-- knowledge of all mankind's worst fears

-- hypnosis

-- psychotic manipulation

-- is a centuries old eldritch abomination

His weaknesses include:

-- is vulnerable to the power of belief

-- has lost against a group of children-- TWICE!

-- must constantly feed in order to maintain power

The stage is set and the die is cast! Cast your vote in the comments to see who shall live, and who shall be forever condemned to the nightmare of defeat!

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Magnolia Elliott
Magnolia Elliott
Jul 14, 2023


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