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Monster Beat Down -- Round 2

Coming out of the red corner, weighing in at approx. 250-275 lbs. of pure muscle, outweighed only by his ferocity, this titan of terror literally eats aggression and blood and guts for breakfast. He may appear as just another friendly face to some, but one bad night under the stars-- or should I say, the moon-- and all bets are off. Some may know him as Jake Talbot, but here, we all know him as...

The Wolfman!

His feats of strength include:

-- facing off against the likes of Frankenstein's monster

-- preternatural senses of smell and tracking

-- Superhuman levels of strength

-- The speed of ten wolves

His weaknesses include:

-- anything made of or derived from silver

-- his humanity/human form vulnerability

-- only transforms under the full moon

-- was defeated by Frankenstein's monster

Fighting out of the Blue corner, weighing in at about 220-230 lbs., only about half of which may or may not be water weight, this titan lives and breathes aquatic life. The fish (and who or whatever the hell else may or may not be down there-- who knows), all love him, but those above sea level-- not so much. His name is one that's as iconic as it is mysterious, but here, we'll all know him as...

The Gillman!

His feats of strength include:

-- preternatural speed and agility under the water

-- razor sharp talons that could disembowel any living creature with but only a single swift stroke

-- slick, scaly skin that's nearly impenetrable and graspable

His weaknesses include:

-- Limitations on mobility outside of the water

-- skin can be pierced with exceptionally sharp tools (I.E. harpoons)

The die has been cast yet again, my beloved maggots and larvae. Place your bets in the comments and let this legendary commence!

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Jessie Morrison
Jessie Morrison

The Wolfman for sure.

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