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Monster Beat Down Round 12

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around 250 to 275 lbs., this titan of terror is one that can be considered a few things to quite a few people. To quote, he is an "angel to some, and a demon to others". He likes to consider himself as simply a messenger, spreading a dark and unholy gospel. A gospel of desire, the taboo. Coming from an unknown realm known as "The gash", he and his band of freaks terrorize the minds of the unsuspecting that be foolish enough to actually dare to seek them out. He has never had any true name, so here, we'll call him...


His feats of strength include:

-- invulnerability to man-made weapons (guns, knives, etc.)

-- able to summon chains and totems to rip people apart

-- commands the order of the gash (a.k.a. The Cenobites)

His weaknesses include:

-- has difficulty in engaging in combat against other cenobites

-- will be deterred if lament configuration (the puzzle box) is solved

-- can be persuaded

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at around 275 to 300 lbs., this titan of terror is one of the many lords, not only of the night, but of all monsters in general. A thousand plus year old immortal noble, this beast may appear alluring at first glance, but let the sun fall and you'll find that his true nature may be far more than you can handle. Anguished at the loss of his love, and of all else he held dear to, this lord of the night pledged himself eternally to the forces of darkness and became the unholiest terror the world has ever known. Whether it be kidnapping, and subsequent infanticide, or mass murder, or even the robbing of innocence, this beast will do it, and do so without a moment's hesitation. He may've been known by another name in life, but in undeath, he shall be known to all as...


His feats of strength include:

-- Invulnerability to most man-made weaponry (guns and knives)

-- enhanced speed, stamina, and endurance

-- powers of darkness

-- commands legions of vampiric disciples

-- can disciple others at will

-- hypnosis

His weaknesses include:

-- vulnerability to sunlight (NOTE: vulnerability, NOT lethal!)

-- allergic to garlic

-- can be deterred via holy water or holy relics

-- can be deterred via stake through his heart

The arena is set and the die has been cast! Cast your votes here in the comments to decide which of these dark lords shall reign supreme, and whom shall serve as a brutal example to all that dare to defy them!

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Nádia Bakker
Nádia Bakker
Sep 14, 2023

Results could vary wildly depending on the terrain (is it sunny or consecrated ground, and how easy/hard is the puzzle present) but under the assumption that the terrain isn't disadvantageous to any of them I think Dracula would win.


Magnolia Elliott
Magnolia Elliott
Sep 08, 2023

Dracula 💯

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