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Monster Beat Down Round 11

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around approximately 250-275 lbs., this titan of terror is one that, above all else, loves to put on a show. A bloody good one, if I may add. Who he is really, though, is something no one knows. You see, he has had no true identity. No true face. But even with this false face, he's always wearing a genuine, and very malicious smile. His actions also speak much louder than his words, given that he does not speak at all. Along with his face, his true name, if he even has one, is a true mystery. Here, though, we'll know him as...


His feats of strength are:

-- deceptively silly appearance

-- is silent and stealthy

-- relatively unsuspected in his brutality

-- can survive being shot and/or bludgeoned

His weaknesses are:

-- has been decapitated

-- can be bested in hand to hand combat

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at about 275-280 lbs., this titan of terror has more than earned his nickname as "The Boogeyman". Also known simply as "The shape", he has acquired a fascination for blood since the tender age of 6, when he would claim his own sister's life. Then, at age 21, he escaped from his incarceration to progress in his craft, murdering the teenage residents of his hometown. Though he does not show his face, all know his name and whisper it only in terror, and that name is...

Micheal Myers!

His feats of strength are:

-- superhuman strength

-- ability to blend in, even wide out in the open

-- inability to die

His weaknesses are:

-- slow mobility, preferring to walk rather than run

-- can be subdued if trapped by sufficient means

The arena is set and the die has been cast! Cast your vote in the comments to see which of these silent terrors shall continue wandering the world, and which will wander in silence throughout the afterlife!

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Magnolia Elliott
Magnolia Elliott

Michael for sure

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