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Monster Beat Down Round 10

Coming out of the Red corner, weighing in at around 150-175 lbs., this titan of terror appears as a simple man. One would likely mistake him for a neighbor or a member of a community, but don't let his welcoming smile fool you. Behind his smile and his inviting demeanor, this madaman holds another side to him, one who is anything but inviting. He could go by several names (including but not limited to "Mother"), but here, he is simply...

Norman Bates!

His feats of strength include:

-- witty and awkward sort of charm

--charismatic feel towards others, when in another's company

-- knows how to play innocent

-- is quiet in his movements

His weaknesses include:

-- unhealthy obsession with his mother

-- vulnerable to guns and knives

-- may occasionally battle against his own conscience

Coming out of the Blue corner, weighing in at approximately 200-210 lbs., this titan of terror is a man with intellect and an exquisite taste. Once a psychologist himself, this demon has since lost himself within the very asylum walls he once walked in front of. Make no mistake, though, he feels no remorse. Some may call him "Doctor", but here, he is...

Hannibal Lector!

His feats of strength include:

-- knowledge of human mind (and how it tastes)

-- charisma

-- feral urges causes him to take off the security guard's face

His weaknesses include:

-- vulnerability to guns and knives

-- prefers intellectual conversation over brute force

-- remains mostly confined to his cell

The arena has been set and the die has been cast! Comment below voting your pick for this week who will taste victory, and who will merely be getting sent home to mommy, in a pine box! 💀🩸

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Magnolia Elliott
Magnolia Elliott
Aug 19, 2023

Norman Bates 🙃


Aug 18, 2023


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