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Monster Beat down -- ROUND 1

*(Note: this is a fun little something I originally started via my TikTok, but decided to make a bit more interesting here. I hope you'll all engage, but most importantly, have fun!)*

Contestant 1, coming out of the red corner, clocking in at around 600 lbs of solid muscle and 6.5 feet tall, this classic titan of terror is the product of one man's foolish ambition to play God. He's been known as many names, but here, we know him as...

Frankenstein's Monster!

His feats include:

-- the strength of ten full grown men

-- has engaged, and conquered the likes of both the Wolfman and count Dracula

-- has the knowledge on how to manipulate crime scenes and frame evidence of murder

-- impervious to bullets

His weaknesses include:

-- a soft hearted nature, in spite of his abuse

-- severe phobia of fire or even an open flame

And out of the Blue corner, weighing in at a mere 250-260 pounds (Give or take), we have another classic titan of terror whose name once struck fear into the hearts of ancient Egypt. Yes, folks, this man, this titan, has withstood the sands of time-- figuratively and quite literally-- and wields a vast array of power. His name is...


His feats include:

-- virtual immortality

-- telepathy

-- psychokinesis

His weaknesses include:

-- mud or swampy areas

-- recitation of the scroll of Thoth

-- His long lost love, princess Anankha

The stage is set and the stakes have been laid. May the battle...


Who will win? You decide, place your bets in the comments!

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