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Monster Beat Down round 4

Coming out of the Red corner, this titan of terror was born of man's ambition for power. As man sought to expand their power with the use of nuclear weapons, a new power was born. He has acted as both the savior and scourge of Japan for decades and has staked his claim at the top of the food chain. He has gone by several names, but here, we know him as the King of the monsters,


His feats of strength include:

-- able to live aquatically

-- towers over the highest sky scrapers

-- has faced and defeated most every kaiju Japan has to offer

-- has fought against the likes of King Kong and Thor

-- destoyed several times his robotic doppelgänger

-- can infuse his soul with other beings to become more powerful

His weaknesses include:

-- has died from incineration of flesh via oxygen destroyer bomb

-- lost against King Kong

-- died after expending too much energy after infusing soul with pterodactyl

-- extremely vulnerable to high voltage electricity

Coming out of the Blue corner, this beast has plagued the whole of middle earth for almost a century now. Purloining the kingdom of the Misty Mountains from the dwarves, he went down in history as the bane of the worlds of men. In one afternoon, both a city and kingdom were razed to ash, and he was self appointed "King Under the mountain". He is...


His feats of strength are:

-- can fly great distances at high speeds, despite his immense size

-- has an extreme sense of smell and hearing

-- was able to see past the One Ring's cloak

-- can and has devastated entire cities in mere minutes

His weaknesses include:

-- was outsmarted by a Hobbit

-- is extremely vain and greedy, caring ONLY about his pilfered gold

-- was killed by an arrow to the single exposed spot on his chest

The battle is set and the arena awaits. Cast your vote to decide which of these behemoths gets to keep their title as "King", and which will have their head mounted on a like to serve as an example to all others that dare challenge them...


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