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Dark deeds thus far and exciting news!!!💀🩸

So, my beloved children of the Underdark, I wanted to let you all in on the story so far, as well as some new developments that have brought a smile of sinister glee to my face. First, as I've shouted many times from the highest mountaintops now, today is the one year anniversary of my very first published tome of terrors, "Damned Whispers" ( Damned Whispers eBook : Stewart, Thomas : Books). I cannot express enough just how ecstatic this has made me. Seeing now just how far I've come, it's heartwarming to me to look back and see the first real stepping stone at getting my gospels of dread out unto the masses like that. It's truly a feeling that's comparable only to that of a father watching his own child grow over time.

Next, I am elated to announce that my own Sci-fi/cosmic horror novella has been accepted and contracted for publication with a very reputable and very helpful indie publisher. That is right, in just a short time, my children, The Unholy Corpse Child shall go beyond the bounds of our Earthly plane and look to the stars, showing the world just what unspeakable terrors lay in wait amongst the stars! Be prepared, Hahaha!

And finally, I wish to merely remind you all that my most recent upcoming release, a tome that has been regarded by readers as "Beautiful and twisted", "The Homicidal Artists", shall be unleashed upon the world to plague all of your peaceful night's slumber June 4th (Pre-order goes live May 31st)

Alas, that is all for now. Of course, those among you who've been devoted acolytes of mine will know good and well by now that there're always dark forces at work, and therefore it is never long before new terrors are born and awakened from the Underdark.

Until then, though, my beloved maggots and larvae...

Sweet Nightmares!

(P.S. I have also just sank the last 1500 words into a nearly two week long WIP for NoSleep. Keep an eye out for that tomorrow night over at my sub, "r/CorpseChildGospels" (

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