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Check out this terrifying gospel of terror!

"Then, before I even realized it, the playground wasn’t even there anymore. Now therewas

just a big empty sawdust pit where it used to be. Still, though, I could hear the little girl giggling.

“I’m gonna find you, hehe.” I started swinging my head in every direction. Before I knew

it, everything else began disappearing as well. Everything was vanishing into thin air, leaving

nothing but a blank space of black nothingness in its place.

Alarmed, I started to run for the park exit, only to find that it, too, was gone. The gate, the

cars, the entire damn parking lot, all gone!

What the . . . Where’s the parking lot?! Where’s everything going? Why is everything


“Gonna get you, mister.” This time, the voice didn’t even sound like the little girl

anymore. Hell, it barely sounded human! It was raspy, almost like she needed an oxygen mask. I

couldn’t see her anywhere.

“Who are you?!” I called out, now starting to shake in panic.

“You better run, mister, before I get you.” I looked around again. There was nowhere to

go. Everything, all around me, was gone, just a blank, black empty space. I was surrounded by a

pit of darkness.

She started giggling again. It was echoing all around me, growing closer and closer. Still,

I couldn’t see her. She was everywhere.

I froze. I couldn’t move. The giggling grew higher and higher in pitch the closer it got. I

was surrounded, trapped.

“Leave me alone!” I shouted. My head was spinning, physically and psychologically,

with my heart going at least several million beats a minute. “Who are you? What do you want?!”

Suddenly, something that felt like dry ice touched the back of my right leg. My heart

jumped, and I whirled around. Then my heart stopped completely.

There, standing and grinning like before, was the little girl. But she didn’t at all look like

a little girl anymore. Her skin, which was a natural sort of olive tan, was now gray and clammy,

desiccated. She stood as a living corpse, barely held together with taut, decayed flesh.

I wanted to scream but couldn’t even suck in enough air to do so. Her mouth slowly

opened, looking like it was an absolute strain for her to do so, and I heard her raspingly whisper,

“I . . . foouunnd yooouu . . .”


What will happen when she finds you? Find out in my story, "A little game of 'Hide-N'-Go-Seek'", included in GrendelPress's debut anthology title: "Paramnesia"

Grab your copy here:

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