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Welcome, beloved maggots and larvae, to Corpse Child’s Sanctuary

Published indie Horror Author

Welcome to the official website of the unholy Corpse Child, Thomas Stewart. As a prolific Author, his mission in life is to tell stories that rob you eternally of a peaceful slumber. Take a look through the site to find everything from their latest times of terror, to their past insidious gospels...

Story of Corpse Child’s Sanctuary

Thomas Stewart is a preeminent Author whose professional career began back in 2020 when he began writing his first horror novella, which was recently published by Author Reputation Press. Since then, they’ve garnered a growing fan base on Reddit as “the Unholy Corpse Child” and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await their latest terrifying gospels of horror fiction. With numerous publications, Thomas continues to push literary boundaries.

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A Surviovor's Accounts of The Depraved Funhouse

Get ready for three gory, horror-filled short stories that make one epic novella, about the carnival from Hell: HappyWorld! Would you like a balloon?

Masks of Death:
REBORN Edition

We think we know the minds and hearts of our fellow man...

But Is it their true face? What if the face they wear is but a mask, disguising themselves as another to us? In this remastered tome, these 14 chilling gospels, now complete with brand-new macabre illusions, we delve through dangerous challenges, deadly secrets, horrifying beliefs, and even mad science to peel back the layers and see just what face the reaper takes.

The only question is, will you be prepared when you meet it?

Finding Pig Man

"...So for the love of God, please, use that sense of yours and don't go chasing things that weren't meant to be chased."


The mountains of a small town in North Carolina can be a terrifying and mysterious place. What lies within those mountains, however, is nothing short of horrific.


Such is the case for Roy who, growing up in this town, heard of the legends of the mountains and of its resident boogeyman: the terrifying "Pig Man". Who or what this creature exactly was was a question that for so long could only be speculated as none who'd ever ventured out of the mountains would ever return. When he returns, however, Roy learns of a small girl who went missing there, and haunted by his own conscience, cannot bring himself to turn away.


Alongside his cousin, Stacy, Roy embarks on the suicidal venture into the mountains, where he'll find out firsthand if the legends were just that, tall tales passed around a small town for too long, or if perhaps the "Pig Man" really does lord over the mountains...

The Homicidal Artists 

The compulsion to kill is one that is as old as mankind itself. What, though, is it that actually drives this compulsion? Is it lust? Rage? Are we just evil to the core...

Or is it that murder is just another form of expression, such as these thirteen chilling tales, where killing is but a beautiful form of art, and the victims are but mere canvasses...




In 1992, Young Mortimer Drake, age 11, had his first birthday party. After killing his parents and "making his first cake", he is sentenced to psychiatric detention - only for him to escape in the night.


In but a year's time following that fateful day, a new, and far more horrific body count begins to rise. No one knows the identity of the slayer - except as "The Birthday Butcher", who appears to kidnap at least 25-30 victims at a time; each of whom were found mutilated in various ways. 


For ten years, the deranged slasher's reign of terror ravaged the town of Harlandville, New York. And each time, no one could ever find or bring him to justice. Could he be stopped, and if so, will the city ever be the same?


These are the collection of notes, headlines, and audio recordings of the madman's vicious acts of depravity.

The Other Side

For ages, man has looked in awe and terror to the beyond, to that which he cannot see or hear. The question has always remained the same, but none know it's answer. Within this tome, however; whether it's the unseen boundaries of the veil, the boundaries of a mirror, or even simply the noises from under your floor, behind a freezer door, or the other end of a phone call, are 19 gospels that answer the age-old question; what lies on the other side?

Damned Whispers

Within this accursed tome lies an unlucky 13 chilling tales to send an everlasting chill down your spine. From horrifying whispers from damned spirits, to killer forests and haunted lakes, to cursed children’s toys and possessed video games, and even sinister family members who are true monsters, hidden in human skin; these gospels of horror are sure to always rob you of a peaceful slumber...


H.P. Lovecraft

“Mankind’s oldest and strongest emotion is fear, and man’s strongest fear is that of the unknown.”


Summon to discover more terrifying tales from the Corpse Child’s Sanctuary and to plague your sleep for all eternity.

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