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In 1992, Young Mortimer Drake, age 11, had his first birthday party. After killing his parents and "making his first cake", he is sentenced to psychiatric detention - only for him to escape in the night.

In but a year's time following that fateful day, a new, and far more horrific body count begins to rise. No one knows the identity of the slayer - except as "The Birthday Butcher", who appears to kidnap at least 25-30 victims at a time; each of whom were found mutilated in various ways. 

For ten years, the deranged slasher's reign of terror ravaged the town of Harlandville, New York. And each time, no one could ever find or bring him to justice. Could he be stopped, and if so, will the city ever be the same?

These are the collection of notes, headlines, and audio recordings of the madman's vicious acts of depravity.


Mortimer -- EBOOK

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