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"...So for the love of God, please, use that sense of yours and don't go chasing things that weren't meant to be chased."

The mountains of a small town in North Carolina can be a terrifying and mysterious place. What lies within those mountains, however, is nothing short of horrific.

Such is the case for Roy who, growing up in this town, heard of the legends of the mountains and of its resident boogeyman: the terrifying "Pig Man". Who or what this creature exactly was was a question that for so long could only be speculated as none who'd ever ventured out of the mountains would ever return. When he returns, however, Roy learns of a small girl who went missing there, and haunted by his own conscience, cannot bring himself to turn away.

Finding Pig Man, A Horror Novella --SIGNED PAPERBACK

  • Comes with: 

    -- Signed Paperback

    -- 1 free handrawn art print

    -- 1 free custom bookmark U.S. ONLY

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