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30 Days of Ghouls -- Exorcism of the Locke House by Yin Yang Sun

In this time I lived in the mind of the sham without the aid of

the ability to see spirit unless using the mind's eye. The Upstairs Attic was being plagued by a spirit. In most cases, I would have paid little mind. However, the entire family was terrified. In cases where entire families have the same fear is a big red flag for me. The nail in the coffin was the father had been attacked. His leg was broken after going up there and being pushed down the stairs by force that was not seen but felt.

I went upstairs calling out to the spirits first invoking God as well as the Devil to push authority of

balance; the reaction was one seen in my mind's eye out of the wall, eyes and faces appearing

claiming to be Legion. I banished them easily and found that there had been a great noise

through the house. I was unaware I was in talks with the Spurs; the youngest child was still in

danger. I could see the black mist going into his room. I had little choice. I closed my eyes and

envisioned a circle of power in my root chakra and pushed it out. Pushing out past the

boundaries of the house. I demanded the air be protected and purified well. My eyes were

closed but to those who saw me my eyes were glowing blue I was told this after I was unaware

the urgency was too great.

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