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Complicated thoughts...

So today, I blasted out almost 2,000 words into my longest WIP yet, a Gothic Horror romance novel that's currently almost 64,000 words in now, and the whole thing was...


Look, I know most authors would be cheering me on, and don't get me wrong, I like how it's come out, but... I don't know, it's just a new feeling.

I've never actually done that sort of thing before, detailing explicit sexual content like that in my writing (Being honest, I've actually always tried steering clear from it), so this is just new territory for me.

In any case, to give a slight perspective (But not too much-- can't spoil the entire surprise, can we?): Imagine a scrawny, pale vampire-- and no, not your pretty boy Edward Cullen types, either-- getting it on with a present day Diane Lane, all while, in the background, lays a young woman's dead body...

Yeah... *inhales sharply while curling into a ball*

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